Month: April 2017

Moderate Usage Of Liquor Gives Health Benefits

Published / by Zoe Kelly

Liquor consumption is something that gives you many health benefits if it is correctly used. Liquor affects your health both negatively and positively and the effect depends on the way you consume it. If you consume alcoholic beverages moderately with a control, you would definitely witness a lot of health benefits especially related to heart. However, the key to have health benefits of any liquor beverage is moderation. If you can limit it and have only a little amount, you would enjoy its benefits.

Basically, the moderate usage of alcohol including all types of delicious wines helps you prevent from any heart diseases and hear failures as it helps the functions of heart and stimulate the process. Another benefit of liquor is, it helps reduce any risks of having ischemic strokes. Ischemic strokes usually result in the brain arteries become either blocked or narrowed which cause extremely low blood flow. If you use liquor moderately, you might not experience ischemic strokes.

Another known health benefit of moderate liquor usage is, it helps reduce the risks of having diabetes. However, this is not experienced by everyone and the important point is, if you take liquor without having any limit, it may also cause diabetes as well. So only the moderate usage would give you these benefits.

When it comes to moderate liquor usage, it might be a question for some as they do not know what the exact amount they should take per day. First of all you should know the percentage of alcohol included in each drink. If you order your liquor from alcohol stores, you can carefully go through the information and ingredients of each drink and wisely choose the brand and the amount that you need to take. However, generally it is recommended for an adult male to take up to two drinks a day an adult female to take only one drink per day.

For example, if you take beer, you can take about 355 milliliters (12 ounces fluid) per day and if you take wine you can drink up to 148 milliliters (5 ounces) per day and if it is distilled spirits, it should be up to 44 milliliters which means 1.5 ounces per day. May be you can exceed this limit only when you go out, having parties or unions with friends. But you should make sure that you do not exceed the limit often as only the moderate usages would bring you the above health benefits. If you are a heart patient, you are the best person that can experience the health benefits of moderate liquor usage.

Guide To Selecting A Catering Service

Published / by Zoe Kelly

When you’re hosting an event, catering is an important part of it. You need to have a quality service that the guests will appreciate. You may not think it is a big decision at first but a poor catering choice can leave a bad impression on your guests. There are certain things you need to factor in when you’re choosing a catering service. You may need to compare a few services before you decide on one.

First of all, whatever kind of food you want catered, whether it is finger food catering for a small event or a large meal, the caterer that you’re talking to should take an interest in what you want. The initial conversation you have with them can tell you a lot about how it will go. While the level of quality is an important factor, if they are not responsive for their customer’s ideas and thoughts, the event will be quite hard to manage. It can be really easy to work with a caterer who will return emails and calls quickly and are open to ideas of the client. They can then talk it over and find a solution that is best for both parties. 

The caterer should be able to handle the kind of event that you’re hosting. Maybe there’s a theme for the cuisine or it is just for catering finger food. It could be a small scale event like a birthday or dinner. There are also weddings and conferences that have to be handled carefully. The caterer you choose may have a good reputation but maybe their specialty is small intimate events or large corporate events. So you need to pick who has the best experience in what you want. This means you have to clarify exactly what you want for the caterer so that they understand your needs.

They should also have a certain flexibility when it comes to the menu. Generally they will have a standard menu or several menus that you can choose from. You may not like everything that is on the menu. So they should be open to adding or removing a few items that you want. They should keep up to date with the current trends in the industry. Their versatility and creativity will bring something unique to your event that everyone will love. You can have tastings later to see how the menu would work out. You may have special requests for the caterer. It is important that they be willing to listen. All of this information should be conveyed to the caterer in the first meeting up front. That way there’ll be no misunderstandings and you can both work together.