A Guide On How To Manage A Pub Of Your Own

August 10, 2017 Off By Zoe Kelly

A pub is something that is rather different from our usual restaurant and because of this, it requires special attention as it must be managed in a whole different way. Whether you run a pub or restaurant, there are common guidelines that should be followed in order to manage both, but apart from these common guidelines there are some different tips that must be followed in order to run and maintain your own pub. There are many challenges that have to be met if you want your pub to be one of the top pubs in your town and even in the country! A good pub manager would know that in order to build up a good reputation for their pub, it takes more than refilling a customer’s glass. You must do certain things with your pub that would make it stand out among all your competition. So here are some guidelines to follow. 

Be well stocked

One trick to make sure that you attract customers fluently is by remembering to be well stocked. There are a lot of products, food and drinks that is going to be served by your pub and if any of this runs out during an order, it is going to make customers think your pub is not worth it at all. No one likes to be told that their item is not in stock when that is what they wanted! All the best pub food served by you and the signature dishes and drinks must always be in stock to satisfy your customers.

Monitor pour levels

Whether your pub has a different section for bars, or if you do not, it is still necessary to monitor the pour levels that goes in to the making of all the drinks, especially all the alcoholic ones. This is one major way as to how to you can control your costs and expenses. Use measured pourer’s, some heavy base glassware as well as jiggers. These equipment’s might be extra useful especially if your bartenders are new. The use of such mechanisms is going to make sure that you do not waste alcohol thus saves money.

Create a signature spirit

This is something that most successful pubs do, as a signature spirit is one major way to make sure customers come flocking in. A signature spirit is something that will set your pub apart from all the others, as it will be a way of people recognizing what you and your pub stands for. Try to create a signature spirit by evaluating the most popular drinks in your pub as that will make customers want it!