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Planning Corporate Dinners

February 7, 2017 Off

Hosting dinner parties is always an ideal way to meet your colleagues out of the work field. It gives you an opportunity to understand your business partners better, and creates a stronger bond, therefore making it easier for you to work together. Furthermore, organising your own business dinner party would be the perfect occasion for…

By Zoe Kelly

Tips To Make Your Office Party A Success

March 17, 2016 Off

If you are in charge of planning either your company’s Christmas party or casual get-together, you will need to bring all your skills of organization to the table if you want the party to go smoothly and impress your superiors as well as colleagues by how expertly you can organize things. More importantly, you really…

By Zoe Kelly

Tips On How To Throw The Best Evening Parties

March 15, 2016 Off

Are you someone who likes to entertain guests and throw house parties? Do you enjoy preparing food and drinks and feeding your guests? Then this article may contain a few tips that might be important for you. However, do you at times feel like the workload that goes into throwing evening parties is a little…

By Zoe Kelly

Travel Guide – Japan

February 22, 2016 Off

Japan is a beautiful and serene country that is widely known in any area of the world. The country is also a major tourist attraction and the country reportedly sees a vast number of tourists throughout the year but the fact that it is a major attraction goes way beyond just the beauty the country…

By Zoe Kelly

Perfect Party Places To Have Fun

February 10, 2016 Off

What is the next event that you have in mind? An important birthday party for a special 21 year old? An office Christmas party otherwise, to celebrate the end of a year worth of hard work from an organization full of people who deserve to see the end of the year with a big happy…

By Zoe Kelly

Tips To Spend A Lazy Sunday

January 19, 2016 Off

So, after a tiring day at work, how do you wish to spend your Sunday, the weekly off? Sundays are meant to be lazy and you would feel the urge to laze around and spend a nice time and stay away from any official work or calls. You would also hate to have any official…

By Zoe Kelly