How To Setup Pizza Delivery?

How To Setup Pizza Delivery?

February 21, 2020 Off By Zoe Kelly

Pizza, this word makes your mouth watered. The pizza is by origin said to be Italian but now it has become the global food. There will be hardly any corner in the world that is not known with the word “Pizza”. Pizza is no doubt one of the foods that are famous for delivery. There will be thousands of pizzas delivered every minute around the globe. The pizza may be one of the easiest foods to make the delivery but it is not that simple. Every job has its complexity and if you want to start pizza delivery then you must be prepping for it in the following way:

Electronic order system: This is the first most thing you need to acquire. A computer platform that will help you to take orders from customer and process them for delivery. Your platform must contain all the variety of pizzas you want to offer along with its pricing. The e-system can help you to organize the customer orders in quicker and in an organized way. Manually handling the customer order may increase the probability of error but e-system helps to reduce the error and its hassle-free.

Mobile App: It is recommended to develop an app for your customers. The app can be connected with your order system, that will help your operations as when the customer will book the order from the app, the system will automatically issue the work order for your kitchen team. The app must contain the facility to make payment online, this will be a convenience for the customer but it also helps to secure payment before delivery. Other payment methods should also be adopted for customer ease.

Packaging: This is the most critical factor because your customer will never want a pasta bar in prahran, which cheese is attached to the lid of its packaging. Carefully design your packaging, focus on functionality than aesthetics. As the pizza has to be packaging for at least 30 mins and it also has to bear the turbulence during transportation. So, the box must be designed to be tough and provide enough space to pizza so that it can remain intact till customer doorstep.

Delivery Team: The unsung heroes for the pizza delivery business is the riders who delivers the pizza to the customer. Firstly, the vehicle they will be using a motorcycle or car must be in good condition. The riders must have the license and they should have a good driving record. They must be trained to handle the customer properly. The riders are the true brand ambassador of your business, so you must ensure that you hire a good team and must spend on their training.

Marketing: There can be no business without proper marketing. You need to do publicity of your business. It’s better to focus on one medium like electronic or print. But both can work also. Always allocate budget for marketing and should be spent smartly.