Planning Corporate Dinners

February 7, 2017 Off By Zoe Kelly

Hosting dinner parties is always an ideal way to meet your colleagues out of the work field. It gives you an opportunity to understand your business partners better, and creates a stronger bond, therefore making it easier for you to work together. Furthermore, organising your own business dinner party would be the perfect occasion for you to showcase your leadership and organising skills to your peers. Here are a few tips for you to create a memorable evening;

Purpose of the dinner

Business parties are usually held to celebrate success, finalize business deals or to further you relationship with clients. Whatever it maybe, it is important for you to understand the reason behind your celebration, and to plan your event accordingly.

Date and time

As you and your invitees are most likely going to have extremely busy schedules, it is important to fix a date that is suitable for all. If you must, then feel free to communicate with your guests to pick a date to suit everyone. Having a flexible time frame would help the event to go smoothly.

Guest list

Corporate dinner parties are quite tricky when it comes to having a fixed guest amount. This is because some colleagues and clients could bring their spouses. Therefore, it is always best to take into account such guests. This will ensure that you don t have any unexpected troubles during your party.

The Location

Ideally, a business dinner party would be hosted either at a private function venue, or if you are looking for a more personalized touch, you could reserve a table at restaurant.

The most popular location to have a business dinner party seems to be seafood restaurants as they have the option of choosing from a variety of exotic items.

When choosing seafood eating place as they have the option of choosing from a variety of exotic items.

When choosing your location it is important to visit the venue to scope out the best seats to suit your needs. It is vital to take into account the ambience of the place when selecting the venue.

The Invitations

If you want to add an official touch to the dinner, then you could create a formal and simple invitation stating the details such as date, time, venue and if possible a RSVP method. Also make sure you ask your colleagues to let you know of their special dietary information, in case of allergies and such. Finally, make sure that on the day of the business dinner, you arrive at the location at least an hour ahead so as to avoid any last minute hassle. Be prepared for any shortcomings, and resolve them all calmly and with a smile on your face.